Asics Onitsuka Tiger shoes cleaning and maintenance method

First, the matte surface of the shoes how to clean?

This leather is easy to take care of, the proposed rotation usually prepare two pairs of Onitsuka Tiger shoes to wear to avoid sweating caused by pan-nitrate, rainy days try not to wear, or damage to the cortex much.

1, never on colored shoe polish, because the leather is treated with chemicals leaching from the oil, shoe polish on the skin are not material. Once on the shoe polish will put more friction the more black leather;

2, if it is dust or dirt and dust, just wipe with a wet cloth to dry; for the stains left by India, you can erase with the eraser, which is commonly used methods. Some shoes will complete the store in the care, price range, you can selectively buy some, such as shoe brushes, matte leather special sprays.

Second, turn casual leather shoes how to clean?

1, you can use shoe powder. Marked with the same color shoes, powder, then brush to brush, cloth tied with a sorrowful end to play, then knocked on the line shoes, pink;

2, first with a brush once or clean up the dirt with a damp cloth, then spray on the special care solution;

3, if handled properly, the fear of their own shoes ruined, please go to a professional shoe cleaning it!

Third, the suede shoes how to clean?

1, if not particularly dirty, you can use the special eraser to clean, polished but not too hard, otherwise it will fade, let’s use that time to fill up the color reagent more harm than good, finished with the mop then sprayed with water spray shoes each week spray once;

2 for minor dust, simply use bristle brush, this brush is soft, not easily cut to the cortex;

3, if really dirty, use some soap bubble, and then slightly washed, but is best to avoid doing so, because the cortex is easy to split water, may also fade and other issues.

In short, Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 casual shoes, not washing, but do not soak into the water after washing, usually wipe the dirty linen that is available, if you do not know how to clean shoes, clean shoes, or to those in place to specifically deal is guaranteed .

Casual shoes Installation – Maintenance – maintenance – sales articles: washing method of casual shoes, and maintenance skills using notes overview of the content. The following order by the network to buy purchase, provided for your reference.

Maintenance and casual shoes Washing

Shoes when the shoes of a main feature is a simple, comfortable design to meet the needs of daily life wear. The concept of casual shoes, content and functionality will be ideal and with this new way of life are closely related. People with casual style shoes, brand and content to modify dress to show themselves, and gain a kind of aesthetic pleasure and symbolic spiritual satisfaction.

Sports and leisure shoes, maintenance and use instructions

1, buy the right shoes.

2, upper dirty, use a soft cotton cloth, lightly moistened wipe water or detergent. And let the shoes dry. Particularly upper damp, shoes should be placed in the shade to dry. Avoid direct sunlight or high temperature baking, so as not to cause aging, fading distortion.

3, with sharp objects to avoid chemical exposure.

4, casual shoes, sandals are not suitable for intense exercise.

5, can be replaced to maintain more than two pairs of shoes to shoes turns off.

6, fabric shoes can be regularly sprayed with water, stain spray to keep uppers. Method to prevent infiltration of sand inside.

Sports shoes, casual shoes dedicated to professionals, some shoes, casual footwear is not suitable for intense exercise. Avoid: wipe with a hair brush uppers; use of poor quality shoe polish, shoe polish often soaked poor, exposure, roasted, will make the shoes deformation, fracture and open plastic mesh. Maintenance of sports and leisure shoes as long as the intentions it is very easy.

Special leather shoes maintenance and use of Information

1, grinding Sharpei, suede, brown leather and other leather workers avoid wet paint color and shoe oil, apply a rubber brush or white glue, gently wipe the stain, which stained the skin discoloration is normal wear should avoid wearing light-colored socks.

2, velvet material to avoid water and dip the wet shoe, soft shoe brush cleaning available.

3, leather shoes, open shoes are not available while cleaning and maintenance brush or shoe polish, only with a dry soft cloth graze decontamination.

Leather upper shoes should be removed after the dust hit the leather shoe polish in order to ensure flexibility, the soft white leather with white liquid shoe polish,

paste shoe polish should not be used, colored leather is available with the same skin color paste or liquid shoe polish; artificial leather class shoes can be cleaned with water, after the upper dry cleaning; matte leather uppers of the shoes available brush to brush the dust along the same direction as the net can be.

Casual shoes Washing

1, the shoes and laces separately with mild soap / washing powder. When washing out shoe insole, gently scrub with a soft brush, and finally rinse.

2, the insole toe down in the ventilation to dry.

3, dry shoes, the shoes with shoe trees will help restore the prototype; or newspaper stuffed in his shoes. Newspapers have the double benefit effect, not only to help restore the original shape, and can quickly absorb water shoes.

4, the shoe sole head down towards the wall, ventilated place to dry at room temperature, this will prevent water immersion in the bottom foam. (Because foaming material is not easy to do, is not recommended to wet shoes flat.)

5, the shoes dry out after a newspaper, let the shoes dry for a while.

6, excessive direct sunlight, hair dryer heat and improper methods of care will reduce the life of shoes there.

7 day training of athletes, the best prepared more than two pairs of shoes to replace every day.

8, before wearing shoes, it is best placed in the ventilation day, so that the shoes have sufficient time to dry.

9, athletes or sports enthusiasts should be purchased to wearing shoes. In order to extend the life of shoes, wash as little as possible.

10, running shoes nylon mesh fabric and leather is relatively easy to maintain, hand wash with water, it is best not to use the washing machine or water immersion.

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